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BMW M3 Pedal Pumping in Sergio Rossi lace up high heels.
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Kat models her new Charles David knee high boots. She has two pairs of these. Next week you'll see just how delicate these boots are because she will model her old pair for you.
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Kitty gets into her car and goes for a drive in her well worn Dolce & Gabbana leather sling back pumps. She sees a nice spot to stop and steps out for a walk. The ground is unpaved but since her shoes are old and dirty anyway she doesn't mind going out for a walk.
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A video clip of Kitty pedal pumping her Ford Mustang on the beach. Apparently she's been walking on the beach for quite a while and probably into the water too as her boots are very dirty and the heels are quite scuffed.
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Mistress Kitty is not satisfied with walking away just yet from her beloved Gallardo. She wants to linger and loiter around it, it just makes her feel oh soooo sexy. Mistress Sasha loves it too, the yellow brings out the bright royal purple in her platform strappy stilettoes just so perfectly. These shoes have hardly seen this much action in their entire lives.
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Lady Melody just can't stop having enough fun! She loves getting Kitty all soaking wet with dirty soap water after washing the car. Check out how nice and cold Kitty gets from her dunking!
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Every mans fantasy is of a hot chick cleaning their expensive ride. Check out how Kitty fulfils this classic dream in her leather outfit while cleaning the rims of the Mercedes Benz.
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The sexy divas are back and ready to party! Miss Kitty asks Sasha to come over and take a ride in her hot canary yellow Ferrari and they look flawless in their picture perfect outfits.
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Segrio Rossi boots look hot on Kitty all the time, but when she's pumping the gas pedal of her Mercedes Benz its even hotter! She looks flawless in her all black outfit while she's gunning her way down to Rodeo Drive.