Exotic cars and gorgeous women of the world.
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Toni and Sasha get dressed up in their best swimsuit gear and have a little fun with their sexy yellow gallardo. We just can't decide what we should be looking at! The car, or these sexy girlfriends.
22 photos 
Toni is looking gorgeous in her metallic purple bikini, and her ride isn't too bad either! The Bentley looks so sleek, we just can't keep our eyes of either one of them.
22 photos 
Miss Sasha decides that she wants to come out and have a fun night out on the town with Toni-so they get dressed up in their sexiest outfits and have a little fun in their limo!
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Miss Toni comes out in full speed wearing her sexy Christian Dior swimsuit and heels, and she's ready for a day of fun. She's ready to look super sexy while cruising around in her even sleeker Infiniti SUV.
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A pair of thought-provoking Sergio Rossi boots and a skin-tight Dolce & Gabbana mini dress, is Toni Leigh's choice of outfit when she's out driving her Mercedes Benz.
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The exotic Lamborghini Gallardo can't compare to the beautiful Toni Leigh and Sasha Singleton. The two sexy ladies are turning up the heat in their one-piece swimsuits and high heels.
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Wearing a pair of Diego Dolcini leopard print stiletto heels, teasing the camera with her toned and tanned legs, Toni shows us the true meaning of a fun drive.
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Vacationing in a snowy city, Toni Leigh enjoys a slow drive around the neighborhood. Her brown leather knee high boots make driving around so much more fun.
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A pair of beautiful red leather sling back pumps by Dolce & Gabbana, our model drives off in one of the world's most exotic car, the ferrari.
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The girls finally got found, but they still can't get their jeep out of the mud. Watch as Kitty gets down on her hands and knees to attach the cord to pull them out!