Exotic cars and gorgeous women of the world.
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Toni loves to tease, dangling her favorite Christian Dior pumps then pumping the pedals of her Benz S600 Brabus.
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The Jeep gets stuck, the girls step out, their heels get muddy, then they get into a sexy muddy catfight.
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Ferrari Girl pumps the pedals of her yellow Ferrari 360 Modena wearing her sexy D&G sling back pumps and red Prada leather gloves. Then off come the shoes and gloves and she drives in her bare feet.
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Toni Leigh puts on her new Dolce & Gabbana outfit, steps into her Mercedes Benz S600 Brabus and pumps the pedals in her new Christian Dior high heels.
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Toni Leigh in Versace high heeled boots on a Harley Davidson in Ibiza. An exotic girl on an exotic bike on an exotic island.
28 photos 
A stuck jeep mean muddy high heels.
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Ms Kaylee squats in her high heels closely to Lamborghini Gallardo to examine herself in the mirror, and take a peep at the reflection of her high heeled shoes in the shiney rims. She steps on the pedals rigorously to peel off on Pacific Coast Highway.
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Mistress Kitty drives around the island in her Red Hot Mustang convertible in her Stuart Weitzman black leather pumps, reving the engine and burning rubber, all in good fun.
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Mistress Kitty wears Sergio Rossi knee high black leather boots and silky black thigh high stockings against a Yellow Porsche 911, Wow!
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Mistress Kitty and Mistress Sasha hugs and humps together on top of a orange Murcielago and red Ferrari Modena Spider. Hot does not even come close to describing this scene.