Exotic cars and gorgeous women of the world.
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Kitty has some fun destroying her leather boots. Check out how abused her boots have become. They have gotten all scruffy, and muddy and Kitty doesn't care.
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Ferrari Girl starts off pumping the pedals and driving her Italian exotic car barefoot then slips her sexy slingbacks on and stomps the pedals hard.
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Toni steps out of her powerful German sedan to show off her sexy curves in her patent leather outfit and stiletto heels.
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Toni Leigh, Sasha Singleton, Lamborghini Murcielago and Ferrari 360 Spider make some sizzling hot pictures. But are they in any condition to drive?
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The Jeep gets stuck and the girls blame it on each other.
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Toni loves to tease, dangling her favorite Christian Dior pumps then pumping the pedals of her Benz S600 Brabus.
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Mistress Kitty is not satisfied with walking away just yet from her beloved Gallardo. She wants to linger and loiter around it, it just makes her feel oh soooo sexy. Mistress Sasha loves it too, the yellow brings out the bright royal purple in her platform strappy stilettoes just so perfectly. These shoes have hardly seen this much action in their entire lives.
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Mistress Kitty takes back control, and promptly orders Rachel to get back in line. Wash the Bentley like a good little assistant! Shut up and take your orders! Don't whine, just do it you little brat!
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Mistress Kitty continues to thrash her expensive black leather pumps against the gravel and the tire of the Mustang. She is really looking to destroy these. How fun!
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Part III. Ms. Kitty yells at her assistant to wash her black Bentley Continental GT with 22" rims. But little assistant Rachael makes a fuss and acts out, squirts her boss with a hose, getting Ms Kitty wet all over in her Roberto Cavalli over the knee leather boots! They struggle for the hose and Rachale gets it in her blouse!