Exotic cars and gorgeous women of the world.
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Revving and pedal pumping doesn't get them out of the mud so they get out to figure out what to do next.
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When Kitty gets the Jeep stuck in the mud, the girls step out to see what's going on. Looks like their high heels are going to get dirty.
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Kitty and Michelle are having a fun time driving their Jeep down a dirt road. They get out and walk around on the dirt in their sexy dresses and high heels. The trouble starts when Lisa accidentally steps on Kittys new shoes getting them all dirty.
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Kitty appears on the cover of the December 2004 issue of DSPORT Magazine. 2 covers, 5 page article and 2 page spread. Autographed copies available at her site.
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BMW M3 pedal pumping, a walk through grass in high heels, high heels stuck in grate.
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BMW M3 Pedal Pumping in Sergio Rossi lace up high heels.
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Ms Rachael and Mistress Kitty washing the Bentley Continental GT
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Crazy sexy love in the Lambo
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Kitty dresses up in her electric purple bikini and poses for us with her high roller jet black Bentley. She looks so sexy and exotic that we don't know what we should be keeping our eyes on~the sleek car, or the glamorous girl.
16 photos from the archives 
Kitty tears up the screen in her super sleek leather pumps. She looks super fly in her Mercedes Benz, and has the time of her life gasing her way down to Rodeo Drive.