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Mistress Kitty and Mistress Sasha hugs and humps together on top of a orange Murcielago and red Ferrari Modena Spider. Hot does not even come close to describing this scene.
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Mistress Sasha and Mistress Kitty gets hot and heavy in the limo. Their green and hot pink velvet bikinis rub against the softness of their skins. Hot pink and lime green stilettoes are tossed about every which way, digging into the soft leather of the limo interior.
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Ms Kitty and Ms Singleton takes a risque photoshoot on top of a fire-red Ferrari 360 Modena Spider, their stilettoes getting scuffed and abused all the while.
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Part I. Ms. Kitty tells her assistant to wash her Bentley Continental GT. But little assistant Rachael makes a fuss and acts out, squirts her boss with a hose, getting Ms Kitty wet all over in her Roberto Cavalli over the knee leather boots!
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Toni digs her sexy leather pumps into the Hawaiian sand. Her red hot Mustang nearby.
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Ms Rachael and Mistress Kitty washing the Bentley Continental GT
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Ms. Melody loves bossing Kitty around, and today she wants her to get all soaking wet while washing her dirty car. Enjoy the show as she orders her around, and gets Kitty all soapy with the hose!
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Kitty struts her stuff in her sexy lime heels while posing with her ultra sexy Bentley. We can't keep our eyes off of how long and lean her sexy legs look!
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Kitty and Sasha are going out together, and they always go out in style! They hop into a nice stretch limo and have a little girl on girl action.
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Ms. Kitty brings her friend Ms. Sasha out to play in their limo. They get down to their birthday suits and look so sexy while doing so!