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Kitty decides to drive around the town when her tire gets a flat! She gets out of her Benzo, and comes to find there is no one around to help. So she does what any independent girl would do! She gets down on her hands and knees and pumps air herself!
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Miss Kitty brings out Miss Sasha Singleton to play when she rides her canary yellow Gallardo out. Check out how smoking hot these two sexy asians are while wearing super high pumps and matching sex siren outfits!
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Ms. Melody loves bossing Kitty around, and today she wants her to get all soaking wet while washing her dirty car. Enjoy the show as she orders her around, and gets Kitty all soapy with the hose!
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Kitty struts her stuff in her sexy lime heels while posing with her ultra sexy Bentley. We can't keep our eyes off of how long and lean her sexy legs look!
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Kitty and Sasha are going out together, and they always go out in style! They hop into a nice stretch limo and have a little girl on girl action.
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Ms. Kitty brings her friend Ms. Sasha out to play in their limo. They get down to their birthday suits and look so sexy while doing so!
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Toni Leigh and Sasha Singleton, are decked out in sexiest one-piece swim suits, posing with an one-of-a-kind Lamborghini Gallardo. The girls are even hotter than the car.
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Miss Melody makes her debut on ECG as the girl with the yellow Porsche 911. The car looks great, but Melody, dressed in a sexy short black number and black leather pumps, looks even better.
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Susana is a dirty girl. Wearing her knee high PVC boots, mini skirt, and nothing but a leather jacket on top, she takes her racer car on a dirt road.
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Wearing her sexy two-piece Dior swim suit, Toni takes her black Infiniti FX suv on the road to a fabulous pool party.