Exotic cars and gorgeous women of the world.
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Toni Leigh and Melody show off their sexy bodies in mini dresses and one of their favorite cars, the Bentley Continental GT.
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Miss Melody is interested to see what is going on inside this fast Porsche 911. In a short black mini dress and leather stiletto pumps, Melody is even hotter than the car.
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Wearing her favorite Christian Dior swim suit, sunglasses, and stiletto heels. Miss Toni Leigh is ready to take an Infiniti FX on the road for a test drive.
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Dressed in a black mini, burgundy high heeled boots, and driving her Ford Mustang on a dirt road. Toni Leigh is definitely having a sexy time on vacation.
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Miss Toni Leigh and Miss Sasha Singleton are at it again! A Lamborghini Gallardo, sexy swimsuits, sky high heels, and seductive poses, everything that make pictures unbelievably amazing.
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Heather comes to Kitty's office and gets behind the desk to help out. However, Heather just starts to get bored, so Kitty comes out to set her straight and make her get back into working!
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Our favorite lady Toni is teasing us again with her lean legs in a pair of black leather Dior knee high boots. Testing her driving skills in a fiery red Ferrari.
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The black Diors come out with a vengance and comes out to abuse and destroy Kitty's blue steve madden pumps. She stomps, and tears up the shoes by abusing them with her gold heel.
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Toni shows off her legs in a pair of burgundy knee high boots. The hottie is looking sexy while pumping on the gas of her Ford Mustang.
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Toni dressed in a Versace one-piece swim suit and rides on a Harley Davidson bike.