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Crazy sexy love in the Lambo
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Kitty dresses up in her electric purple bikini and poses for us with her high roller jet black Bentley. She looks so sexy and exotic that we don't know what we should be keeping our eyes on~the sleek car, or the glamorous girl.
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Kitty tears up the screen in her super sleek leather pumps. She looks super fly in her Mercedes Benz, and has the time of her life gasing her way down to Rodeo Drive.
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When you have some sexy girls-you don't put them in any ride, you put them in a high class limo. This is exactly where these two girls love to be. Miss Sasha and Miss Kitty get a little frisky in this bad boy just for your eyes only!
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Lady Melody just can't stop having enough fun! She loves getting Kitty all soaking wet with dirty soap water after washing the car. Check out how nice and cold Kitty gets from her dunking!
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Every mans fantasy is of a hot chick cleaning their expensive ride. Check out how Kitty fulfils this classic dream in her leather outfit while cleaning the rims of the Mercedes Benz.
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Toni and Sasha get dressed up in their best swimsuit gear and have a little fun with their sexy yellow gallardo. We just can't decide what we should be looking at! The car, or these sexy girlfriends.
22 photos from the archives 
Toni is looking gorgeous in her metallic purple bikini, and her ride isn't too bad either! The Bentley looks so sleek, we just can't keep our eyes of either one of them.
22 photos from the archives 
Miss Sasha decides that she wants to come out and have a fun night out on the town with Toni-so they get dressed up in their sexiest outfits and have a little fun in their limo!
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Miss Toni comes out in full speed wearing her sexy Christian Dior swimsuit and heels, and she's ready for a day of fun. She's ready to look super sexy while cruising around in her even sleeker Infiniti SUV.