Exotic cars and gorgeous women of the world.
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Ms. Kitty brings her friend Ms. Sasha out to play in their limo. They get down to their birthday suits and look so sexy while doing so!
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Kitty and Lady Melody have a little fun while washing the dirty Bentley. They are dressed in their sexy heels and outfits and get nice and wet while doing so!
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Ms. Toni lights up the screen wearing her SERGIO ROSSI boots while driving her sexy Mercedes Benz. She loves the speed her Benz gives her, so she just pushes harder and harder on the pedal each time!
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Toni and Sasha get dressed up in their best swimsuit gear and have a little fun with their sexy yellow gallardo. We just can't decide what we should be looking at! The car, or these sexy girlfriends.
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Toni is looking gorgeous in her metallic purple bikini, and her ride isn't too bad either! The Bentley looks so sleek, we just can't keep our eyes of either one of them.
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Miss Sasha decides that she wants to come out and have a fun night out on the town with Toni-so they get dressed up in their sexiest outfits and have a little fun in their limo!
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Still having tons of fun driving in her stiletto heels, Toni slow down her rental car and check out the view on the island of Ibiza
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A collection of different girls, wearing different shoes, stepping the gas pedal. Girls, step on hard!
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Toni invites one of her beautiful girlfriend, Sasha Singleton, to a photo shoot with an even hotter guest, the Lamborghini Gallardo. The girls dressed in sexy swim suits and sky high heels, strut their stuff, making us sweatin' behind the camera.
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Wearing a pair of Diego Dolcini leopard print stiletto heels, teasing the camera with her toned and tanned legs, Toni shows us the true meaning of a fun drive.